How Do We Save Polar Bears?

polar bear scott schliebe usfwssmall How Do We Save Polar Bears?They are so cute, cuddly and utterly vulnerable. Polar bears grab the admiration and attention of people the globe over for their fluffy bright furs and huggable size. They garner respect from pet enthusiasts for their searching skill as well as survival strategies in one of the harshest atmospheres on Planet. Yet despite their confusing popularity these giants are actually in hazard of being actually wiped off Earth totally.

Ice melting must be a core focus of conservation energies for the polar bear as this is actually impacting the polar bear the most. Polar bears count on large blocks of floating ice to execute their routine actions connected to surviving. Polar bears prey on fat-laden seals from these stops of ice, they mate, and some even deliver their cubs on them. The problem by having the ice melting is that countless polar bears have gone hungry since there is actually not sufficient ice for them to hunt their prey. This influences their capability to reproduce and bring their cubs to term that instantly impacts human population amounts. Even, when ice is too a long way from land, polar bears will drown trying to swim far distances to discover them. All of these issues have actually made the polar bear more land bound.

That Is Helping, and Exactly how
Major contributors to the match to save the Arctic Polar Bear feature the Coca-Cola Business and the World Wildlife Fund. Together these businesses are raising money to analysis exactly what is actually creating world-wide climate change as well as working with governmental bureaus to manipulate greenhouse gasoline emissions. Other principal ventures include efforts to avoid unfavorable mortal interactions consisting of poaching as well as extreme travel and leisure and protecting critical habitat spaces such as birthing dens.

Expertise is power. Turn into additional informed concerning this critical subject by seeing Polar Bears at World Wild Life.

31 Responses to How Do We Save Polar Bears?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Polar bear is going extict, whould you save it’s species? The White race is only, about 20% of the population worldwide, and decreasing. The White race is on the abyss of extinction, would you save it, as well?

  2. fat says:

    nope. no polar bear to steal my precious oxygen

  3. Mike K says:

    Hello, The polar bear needs protection as it has no control over our actions. On the other hand the white race only needs to screw and make more babies to up the ante as opposed to forsaking bigger families to have a higher lifestyle. Cheers, Michael Kelly

  4. Nope. They do nothing, but fish and f*ck each other.

  5. dejele says:

    ‘extinct’ is the word I believe you want to use…and the white population is capable of handling their own issues.

  6. Vegito says:

    Polar bears are cool so yes I would save them. As for the white race of course.I like to help everyone.

  7. George says:

    Hirola antelope (also called the four-eyed antelope due to its large preorbital glands) which is now entirely restricted to north-western Kenya. There are only about 1500 left. The vaquita is a tiny porpoise which lives in the Gulf of Mexico and there are no more than about 600 left, due to entanglement in fishing nets. The South China Tiger is thought to number no more than about 30. The Yangtze River Dolphin is possibly extinct, with few reliable sightings in the past ten years. The Sumatran Rhinoceros numbers few more than 60. There are only about 200 Siamese Crocodiles left in the wild. The Iberian Lynx is Europe’s most endangered mammal.

  8. There are loads and loads of animals nearing extinction or endangered. “With nearly a quarter of all mammal species and a third of amphibians threatened with extinction” this was from the World Wildlife Fund.

  9. Clevercow says:

    i think cod are – i know i though shut up too. i know that the suply is dwindling hence the reason why it’s better to have pollock

  10. darwinman says:

    no!…none!…so save up your money for a polar bear rug…they will be VERY expensive…lol… by the way…have you noticed how cold it is these days? somebody get a memo to al gore and hurry! he might want to do some editing on “an inconvenient truth”.

  11. LAUREN says:

    not if they keep eating those plastic bags polluting the water…

  12. Debu says:

    At this rate the polar ice is melting , the polar bear is losing its habitat and habits. There is no way to save it from extinction right now.

  13. At the rate it is going now, I highly doubt it.

  14. i hope so but i am afraid it looks bad

  15. lacyKAY! says:

    oh i hope so!!! i love polar bears!

  16. idk, kill people who harm them??noo idea.

  17. Shelli says:

    Help Stop Global Warming by doing your part: Change to energy saving light bulbs Get more home insulation Turn Lights off when you leave the room SAVE THE POLAR BEARS!! their cute :P

  18. Bobby B says:

    by them having been saved from extinction

  19. imacdl says:

    people need a cause and somehow hating your own existence gives people this im a sinner but i can change euphoria its lame

  20. Monkey Pig says:

    They got Dems/Liberals as a way to invent more taxing scams.

  21. Bob says:

    Michael, global warming is going to destroy us. The sea level will rise 35 meters. Aren’t you scared? I’m really, really scared.

  22. stl_luna_7 says:

    I am a weather forecaster and meteorologist and many of us do not subscribe to global warming as depicted by Al Gore. A look at both sides is alarming in the fringe elements. The IPCC has it’s own agenda, while others use a current snow storm as in indication that global warming is wrong. Truth be told, there is a long term warming going on while cooling overt the past 6-8 years. But please remember, weather is cyclical and today’s trend mean very little in the long term.

  23. davem says:

    It’s a good thing this scam didn’t happen during the late sixties, with all that hippy flower power and reefer induced love-in stuff going on. I remember the era well, and can only imagine how many of them would have made their way north to save the polar bears only to be eaten by them.

  24. it could be..but its for real..the ice caps are melting real fast..some places are getting ridiculously hot and some are having even violent storms like never before..

  25. Stephanie B says:

    yes, and many other things.

  26. If you believe in global warming you probably believe in evolution. If you believe in evolution, you know that animals adapt to their environment. So….no polar bears will not become extinct. And if this so called “global warming” exists, it is moving at an extremely low rate, giving animals enough time to turn into monkeys again.

  27. ekyfetweky says:

    Unlikely, if the worst happens and the polar ice caps melt, the polar bears would simply adapt. It is known that polar bears can walk on water and would probably just stroll to Iceland or maybe Canada where as we all know, they would live off Coca-Cola which they got for christmas.

  28. norman7774 says:

    Very very sad to say but yes… global warming will definitely lead to the extinction of many animals as well as flora.. It is sad to see extinction

  29. mommyramey says:

    Global warming can lead to the extinction of polar bears and many other creatures. As the ice melts, it produces more water in the ocean and also kind of stirs the water causing marine animals habitats to change which in turn causes their life cycle to be altered. I can also flood coastal areas of continents and cause major damages to land that we so dearly love. Have you ever wondered about the coast of California deteriorating? Well it is and that could be very bad.

  30. silverbirch says:

    There was an article on this recently, in the “Daily Telegraph” magazine. They think they melting ice may cause a big problem.

  31. plehaq says:

    yea polar bears are already alomst extinct

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