Sea Shepherd’s Fight for Whales

220px MauiActivities%26Tours Sea Shepherds Fight for WhalesWhales are amongst the most brilliant marine mammals on earth. The blue whale is the biggest animal to ever exist. In spite of this history, industrial whaling has left the whale animals exceptionally endangered. Fortunately, whaling has actually been ended in numerous nations, but still exists in some. The impact of this continued whaling endangers the existence of the varieties, and if not stopped, might wipe out whales.

One country in specific that has been engaging in this inhumane and immoral task against nature is Japan. Big whale angling vessels have actually been dispatched around the seas of Japan, primarily in the western Pacific Ocean, to hunt down innocent whales and collect their meat and other parts to be utilized for oil, fertilizer, perfume, shampoo, cleansing soap, gelatin, margarine and other items. Regardless of the uses it can easily bring, these living creatures really should not have to pay their lives simply for this senseless function.

Whales contribute to the ecological selection of the oceans. Whales ingest krill, fish, and tiny mammals. Whales come in countless contours and sizes and are found all over the world. Regardless of their assortment, most varieties of whales are at danger due to hunting, environment changes, and population decrease. If whales were to go extinct, there would be a substantial adverse impact on the natural world.

The unlawful whale hunts have actually not stopped. More desires to be done to eradicate whaling before the animals is entirely lessened. Sea Shepherd is dedicated to this fight. Visit Sea Shepherd to study more.

17 Responses to Sea Shepherd’s Fight for Whales

  1. Anonymous says:

    How do the following sharks interact with living humpback whales? tiger shark great white also does it depend on the location and where would the not eat them. Like would they leave them alone in bermuda?

  2. Stalked says:

    They DON’T! & NO.

  3. Jim says:

    You are living in the past. Humpback whale are not endangered. Their populations are increasing. They are fully protected. So there is no need for “we” to do anything. Hunting for food may seem cruel to you. But staving people is more cruel. There is something very wrong with a person that puts an animal above a human, it is certainly NOT altruistic. Native peoples have the right to subsistence hunting. What kind of person would deny the Inuit their heritage?

  4. La Wai says:

    They just creep me out. I carry a baseball bat just in case I see one on the beach.

  5. taliswoman says:

    Humpbacks are endangered because we (in general) hunted them to near extinction. You obviously know that. We ARE doing things to save them, and in fact there are more humpback whales estimated in the wild now than in over 100 years. Well into the 10′s of thousands in the Pacific. The reason it’s so slow going is because it takes so long for a whale to carry a calf to term, raise it, and train it to survive on it’s own. Simple biology. We can only do so much. After that the species itself needs to do the work. There are no such things as captive breeding facilities for humpback whales. I couldn’t even imagine the artificial insemination program…

  6. they are endangered the same as my wolves people hunted them to near extinction. Except they thought wolves were vermin and needed to die thankfully most of our species are protected from cruelty. and hunting If we help support the foundations that help them we can save them. I love every animal on earth and I DO put animals in front of humans because they actually treat earth with respect!

  7. Kate B says:

    Humpback and many other whales are fully protected and are making a comeback. The reason for their drastic decline was commercial whaling – which also destroyed the whale stocks for many native peoples who carried out low level whaling to survive. These days, nobody will starve without whaling and so there is no need for it to occur. It is cruel – because it takes a long time to kill the animal and many get away seriously injured. Also, there was no holds barred – mothers with young or who were pregnant were especially susceptible and so for one kill often more than one whale died in the process.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Were the humpback whales in animal planet’s ocean voyagers real? Or were they made up characters? google was notn any help.

  9. Anonymous says:

    How do Humpback whales know where to migrate in the winter? Alaskan humpback whales migrate mostly to the Hawaiian islands for the winter because of their depleting food source in Alaska, but my question is how do they know where to go? is it the change in temperature or does is have something to do with the equator or something else… any help is much appreciated!

  10. 3 tons of pure bliss and 200 gallons of sperm.

  11. Bee says:

    It makes me think of two pickles doing it. That makes me laugh.

  12. where do the humpback whales live? i really need help on where killers live so can someone please help me

  13. Definitely not the fish section of the site.

  14. tikitiki says:

    I believe at a place called Bikini Bottom.

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