All About Polar Bears

polarbearwalkingalonesmall All About Polar BearsPolar bears are ever more becoming threatened due to a myriad of issues consisting of industry activities, ice in their natural environment melting, and human aspect. By a long way the greatest root cause is actually the change in the natural world of the polar bear. Several life-threatening conditions are actually produced for these cold climate bears when the ice melts. World-wide warming that is associated to industrialization and projects such as driving a vehicle, burning coal, and more human ventures generates the ice melting.

The Bear Basics
Polar bears are actually a huge species that make their homes on the frozen Arctic sea. The bears are going to waste the majority of their lives on the ice. Males can easily grow up to ten feet in period and weigh in at over 1,400 pounds! The bears are actually carnivores, suggesting they consume the meat of other Arctic pets. At current there are actually estimated to be merely 20 to 50 thousands polar bears left in the wild. They are on the Endangered Animal List.

Why They’re At Danger
The ultimate risk to the survival of the polar bear varieties is the noted warming of the Arctic sea which is actually leading to the melting of the ice these bears call house. Although the bears make use of the ice for breeding as well as resting as well, it’s vital element is to give a cover for the bears as they hunt seals. Without adequate ice, the bears can easily not prolong a long way sufficient from land to hunt sufficient food to stay alive. The bears are coming to be malnourished as well as several are expiring of hunger. This dynamic is actually effecting female bears with cubs in a terrific amount causing lesser survival prices of the newer generations. Additional risks to polar bears include escalated race ins by having individuals due to the forced time spent on land, as well as spills, improvement and freight operations reporting to oil in the Arctic.

Interference in the form of authorities controls to diminish human impact has actually been actually highlighted as a priority in America as well as additional countries. In addition, individual companies as well as interest collections go on to lobby and function by having the government to safeguard this important pet in its natural environment. Apart from authorities interference, additional research regarding global warming is critical so that the climate change can easily be actually stopped or countermanded. There are actually agencies that are raising hard earned cash for this incredibly function. Yet another means communities are actually helping the polar bear is to make use of trained bear patrol agents to keep the land bound polar bears from people as well as to make certain that the bears are not competing too truly by having the people for the food sources on land.

You may get included in the mission to cut the Arctic Polar Bears by functioning immediately with the World Fauna Fund. Start the gratifying quest today by paying a visit to Polar Bears at World Wild Life.

28 Responses to All About Polar Bears

  1. Jeff S says:

    Yes however it is a shame there are so many ignorant conservatives who deny the obvious.The polar caps didn’t start melting until we started burning massive amounts of fossil fuels.

  2. Derek says:

    $13? Really? I’ll give him a 20 and he can keep the change.

  3. Sarah says:

    polar bear reproduction is up and global warming is proved to be natural. It cools and heats back again. Look at another side besides the “discussion is over” attitudes like that are so rude and frankly it makes you sound like an idiot. Keep searching and dont deny info until you know if it is true or false. Keep a level head….but people who say the discussion is over are unreasonable because they wont listen to another side. the discussion is not over and it never should be unless its certain.

  4. ralph s says:

    fyi… there are more polar bears in the world than black bears. Oh btw jeff s have you never heard of the northwest passage? why was it called that?

  5. NSA says:

    No. For two reasons: 1) Polar bears aren’t going extinct. 2) Climate change is not man made.

  6. bsquared says:

    Is global climate change going to cause human extinction? I have been reading, and there is no denying a change in climate. I don’t want to hear about polar bears, species have been going extinct for billions of years. I’m sure the first people of the planet were distraught to find no mammoth, but I’m sure they didn’t miss sabre tooth tigers eating them. Climate change will change the coastline and our weather, but is it going to kill us, or will our coasts just move, and our humanity adjust and survive?

  7. Dwain says:

    We will adjust and recover. Hopefully enough of our records will survive to remind us as a species not to engage in fanciful flights of technological utopianism.

  8. Tasha P says: This is a link I found. I have heard that the Earth has a “fever,” which is startling scientists right now. The scientists have been watching the migration of plankton (which live in the warmest of waters in the south). The plankton are moving north, because the warm waters that they like are getting too warm. Also, I have been keeping track of this “fever,” which is also going to kill off most of the 6 billion people living on this planet, leaving about less than a tenth. Do not quote me to these estimations, these are just things I have read as I have been following the developments. Read some of the things that Al Gore have been saying. He’s trying to make people aware of this this planet is going through.

  9. K V says:

    We can only hope…* *note: ambiguity of answer is deliberate…

  10. Lip Service says:

    You are right. We are all goners. Start having wild unprotected sex and spend all of your savings. Live like there is no tomorrow. Because there isn’t.

  11. SNOUTER says: Polar Bears are not going extinct. More lies by the ClimateGATERS. Visit above link and search for “Polar Bears”. all well documented what the ClimateGATERS won’t tell you and have been lied to about by the Al GOREacle and other “leaders”. More LIES exposed. they’ll do it all to continue their cap & traitor scheme

  12. I’m not hoping for polar bears to be extinct. I hop you kind does. Go somewhere!

  13. vesaversa says:

    Oh god the holidays is just around the corner so i guess we just have to put up with these childish irrelevant rant form the Y/A kids.

  14. ryoshi100 says:

    Not that you really care about this but we need them all to keep a balanced eco-system. Polar bear kills also feed a number of sea birds and arctic foxes that rely on that. If seals are over populated they will die out and the fish in those waters will be over fished and eventually this will also affect whale populations…

  15. Human says:

    what effect would polar bears extinction have on the planet?

  16. C.Pizzle says:

    If polar bears become extinct then not only will we loose a beautiful creature but there will more than likely be a rise in the population of their favorite prey which could result in problems such as out eating of their habitat/over harvesting of those animals favorite prey. All animals have a role in the ecosystem.

  17. i forgot says:

    overpopulation of animals at Antartica

  18. Chuck T says:

    The last guy was almost right, except polar bars in the Arctic not Antarctica! :P Socially speaking, people would be very sadden at the loss of a beautiful and unique species. Ecologically species, some species would lose their natural predator (the polar bear), and without the bear keeping their population in check, it is possible for them to grow rapidly, perhaps impeding on other spectator species’ normal niche.

  19. norman7774 says:

    Very very sad to say but yes… global warming will definitely lead to the extinction of many animals as well as flora.. It is sad to see extinction

  20. Uh No – no such thing as global warming 6 % of world scientists vocally promote global warming and most of them are not climatologists. (Known as vocal minority). 94 % of world scientists do not believe in global warming but are not big loud mouths spouting out ignorance. (Non-vocal majority). The nay-sayers are winning and the bible says they will go to hell – do not join with them. Use your brain and listen to the silent 94 % of scientists. Also, if there were such a thing as global warming due to depletion of the ozone – How do you protect the earth – Answer :::: Ta Dah —- you release pollution into the atmosphere to block the harmful rays of the sun. Catch 22 anyone.

  21. Antoine F says:

    Yes. Why? because, the warm air causes the ice caps to melt, and polar bears live on those ice caps. Studies show in the next 100 years, Polars Bears could/will be extinct as the ice capse are melting pretty rapidly and once they melt, it will be nothing but water.

  22. Stephanie B says:

    yes, and many other things.

  23. bobo383 says:

    The polar bears will be fine. They are not conditioned to accept the global warming hype like humans are.

  24. toodles_1399 says:

    what are we doing to help the the polar bears form getting extinction?

  25. socal pal says:

    Male polar bears eat all the baby polar bears they can find which decimates the polar bear population! This appears to be part of their natural behavior. I don’t think we can change their natural behavior and make them stop this cannibalism!

  26. Vincent G says:

    I don’t believe anything at all is being done. And even if there was a will to do something, we’d be at a loss to know what could be done that would work.

  27. Gracie says:

    almost everyone likes polar bears and physically, we are doing nothing to save them. Polar Bears are drowning.

  28. muttie says:

    The group Environmental Defense–of which I am a member as well as other animal protection coalitions/groups have an online petition campaign of email for the U.S. senators/other government leaders of the group who handle wilderness legislation. It is being voted and planned right now how to proceed with regulating Alaskan drilling and keeping the polar ice caps from melting too much and leaving the polar bears w/out ice floes which they use as jumping/standing platforms for finding food.

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